Since we have transformed our business over to just designing websites I got to thinking about how it is a lot like Interior Design/Decorating.  You have to brain storm the color palette, the fonts, and how you want it laid out.

So the Design part which in Interior Design is the layout and white space. (Less is more) You want white space so that the customers eye is drawn to the most important part which is the content or your product. You want good quality photos of your product and good text to tell your story about how your company came about and what you do. We take pleasure in making the website flow from one section to the next. In the Design world, you want the right colors that complement each other and the decor that matches your theme and the mood you are trying to bring to life.

This is how we design our websites, we want our client to feel good and love their website.

Interior Decorating is the “prettying it up” of the process. In the Design world, this is where you bring all the furniture, decor, pillows etc. in and really make the space come together.  So in the Decorating part of the website, we make sure your product flows well with the colors, the font and the placement. Its super important to remember that less is more but to still get your product and info out so that people completely understand it.

While the layout, the color and the typography is important the technical part (coding) behind the scenes is even more important. It’s just like making sure your walls, plumbing and electrical are all up to code.