We started out as a small IT company in 2012, fixing computers and helping business owners manage their data. Formidable Tech was the name. We also provided website design services, and that made up about 50% of our business by 2018, and we enjoyed doing that so much that we decided to focus on that 100% starting in 2019. Now we are Formidable Web Solutions, and are constantly focused on improving our skills and our service. Your website should be dependable, secure, good-looking, and most importantly- making money!

Kevin Pinkney
Kevin PinkneyOwner & Web Designer
I’m a US Navy veteran, but I’d always wanted to start my own business, so it made sense to start a company doing what I love, which is working with computers and websites. I found that many business owners just wanted a good-looking website that would help them make money, without costing them a fortune. That’s why we provide quality websites and reliable, top-notch hosting that just works.
Jennifer Pinkney
Jennifer PinkneyWeb Designer
“Colors and design have always been passions of mine. I love making websites that are pleasing to the eye. I have a degree in Interior Design from TCC, and the skills I learned there translate very well into web design! It’s always exciting to show a client their new website for the first time. They don’t always know what to expect, but I always find a way to wow them!”